Advantage Banking

This program is here to benefit your most valuable assets—your employees!

Designed to complement your current benefits package, Advantage Banking offers discounts, value-added services, and features that will keep your employees smiling.  This program is offered to your business at NO COST, as long as your corporate accounts stay with Glenwood State Bank!

Checking Account Perks:

Advantage Club Checking

  • All of the benefits of our Club Checking account
  • Reduced monthly fee of $3.00

Advantage Club NOW Checking

  • All of the benefits of the Club Checking account
  • Earn interest!
  • Reduced monthly fee of $4.00

Advantage NOW Checking

  • All of the benefits of our NOW Checking account
  • Earn interest!
  • No minimum balance requirements
  • No monthly service fees

Savings Account Perks:

Advantage Personal Savings

  • All of the benefits of our Personal Savings account
  • No minimum balance requirements
  • Unlimited in-person withdrawals

Advantage Health Savings Account (HSA)

  • All of the benefits of our Health Savings Account
  • Account held and serviced by local experts
  • No annual account maintenance fees

Loan Perks:

Discounted Loan Rates

With your approved application for a personal loan, Advantage Banking customers may receive a discount of up to .25% off the regular personal loan rate.
Learn more about Personal Loans >>

Closing Cost Reduction

Advantage Banking customers may receive a .25% origination discount applied to the closing costs on a first mortgage, subject to individual credit approval. On approved Home Equity Lines of Credit between $15,000-$150,000, customers may not pay closing costs (1).
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Discounted Rates on Ready Reserve

Protect yourself against the occasional overdraft with our Ready Reserve overdraft protection line of credit.  With your approved application, qualified Advantage Banking(2) customers may receive a 3% interest rate reduction on their Ready Reserve Line.

We advance in increments of as little as $1.00 to cover only what you need and offer a convenient repayment plan.  As a customer, the $15.00 annual fee for this service will be waived for as long as you are an Advantage Banking Customer.
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Other Perks:


Glenwood State Agency provides insurance services for individuals and families, including personal insurance for automobiles, homes, boats, and rental units; as well as life, disability, and medical insurance products.  Receive a free cost estimator on your home, auto, or business property, followed by a detailed insurance proposal!  
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Real Estate Services

Glenwood State Bank Real Estate is ready to assist area buyers and sellers with their real estate goals.  Receive a free market analysis for your home!  
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(1)  We offer both a variable rate plan and a fixed rate plan.  In the variable rate plan, the annual percentage rate (APR) and the minimum monthly payment can change.  To determine the APR that will apply to your line of credit, we add a margin to the value of the index announced from time to time by United Bankers Bank (UBB).  The minimum APR during the term of the line is 5.000% and the maximum is 18.000%.  In the fixed rate plan, the APR will remain the same during the duration of the loan.  Your APR will be based on specific characteristics of your credit transaction.  The minimum rate is 5.000% and the maximum rate is 18.000%.  Homeowner’s insurance is required for either plan and flood insurance may be required.
(2)  Annual Percentage Rate of 18.000% is effective 02/01/10 and is subject to change.  Discounted APR of 15.000% is effective 02/01/10 and is subject to change.
**The Product is NOT A DEPOSIT ACCOUNT OR OTHER OBLIGATION of any depository institution or any affiliate of any depository institution.
**The Product is NOT GUARANTEED OR INSURED by depository institution or any affiliate of any institution.
**The Product is NOT INSURED by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC).
**The Product, except in the case of Federal Flood insurance or Federal Crop insurance, is NOT INSURED by any federal government agency.
**There is INVESTMENT RISK associated with the Product, including the POSSIBLE LOSS OF VALUE.