Personal Loans

There's no question: your financial needs are unique. Being locally-owned and operated, we have a lot of flexibility to tailor our products to fit your situation.  We can also make decisions quickly, which could play a key role in your purchase, sale, or refinance!

Personal Loans

Whether you’re purchasing used or new, we can help finance or refinance your vehicle, ATV, boat, camper, and more!  We also offer debt consolidation assistance and personal loans.

Credit Cards

Our low, fixed-rate credit card boasts NO annual fees and NO cash advance fees!  This straight-forward credit card won’t surprise you with varying interest rates or fees.  Plus, earn points with every purchase!  Use your points to buy name-brand electronics, kitchen gadgets, recreation items, and more!

Mortgage Loans

Purchasing or refinancing?  Work with one of our expert residential lenders to experience a quick, trouble-free loan process.  Plus, our flexibility allows us the opportunity to find creative solutions for your unique situation!

Ready Reserve Line of Credit

Protect your account from overdrawing with this low-rate line-of-credit.  With automatic transfers, your funds will always be there when you need them.  We advance in increments of $1.00 to cover only what you need, and we offer a convenient repayment plan.

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