Our Past Presidents


Theodore Aune

Past President (1907 - 1936)

Mr. Aune was born in Steinkjer, Norway on April 6, 1864.  He arrived in the United States in 1880, coming to Glenwood in 1882.  Mr. Aune held many civic offices such as Mayor, City Clerk, and Treasurer, City of Glenwood; President Chamber of Commerce; President and one of the original organizers of the Independent Bankers Association, now the Independent Community Bankers of America, a national bankers’ association which held its first organizational meeting at the Sunset Beach Summer Hotel.  Mr. Aune passed away in March, 1948.


Julius Haugen

Past President (1936 - 1947)

Mr. Haugen was born in Blue Mounds Township, Pope County, Minnesota on July 2, 1878.  He spent his boyhood in Pope County; in 1898 he was employed by the Northern Pacific Railway Co. until January 1911.  On January 11, 1911, Mr. Haugen was employed as Assistant Cashier of Glenwood State Bank, and elected Cashier in July of that same year.  In January 1936, he was elected President.  After a short illness, Mr. Haugen passed away in April 1947.  In addition to being a member of the Glenwood School Board, Mr. Haugen was a prominent participant in many other civic and church organizations.


E.A. Walter

Past President (1947 - 1971)

Mr. Walter was born January 17, 1890 of pioneer German parents in Alma, Wisconsin.  Most of his boyhood days were spent helping manage the home and dairy farm.  He graduated from Alma High School in 1908.  From 1908 to 1913, he taught school.  In December 1913, he started his banking career in Ferney, South Dakota.  From Ferney he went to Stirum, North Dakota and then onto Selby, South Dakota, then to Leola, South Dakota in 1919.  Surviving the struggle of the “hoppers and drought”, Mr. Walter came to “green” Minnesota as a Cashier of Glenwood State Bank in 1936, and became President in 1947.  Mr. Walter passed away February 10, 1983.


Howard Williams

Past President (1971 - 1980)

Mr. Williams was born October 13, 1910 in Glenwood, Minnesota.  He attended public schools in Glenwood and graduated from Glenwood High School in 1929.  He started to work at Glenwood State Bank on June 1, 1929 as a bookkeeper and stenographer.  Mr. Williams held all offices in the bank during his years of service.  He served on many civic and community organizations, as well, including about 15 years on the Hospital Board, 15 years on the Minnewaska Golf Club Board of Governors, many years on the Glenwood United Way and the Salvation Army local unit, the Glenwood Housing Authority, Past Master of Valley Lodge No. 174 and affiliated organizations, and Secretary of the Glenwood Housing Authority.  Mr. Williams passed away October 2, 2004.


Ralph Cheeseman

Past President (1980 - 1983)

Mr. Cheeseman was born September 11, 1914 in Glenwood, Minnesota.  He graduated from Glenwood High School in 1932.  After a post-graduate course at Glenwood, he worked at the Soo Line Railroad with his father, George, who was the roundhouse foreman.  From 1936 to 1941, Mr. Cheeseman was employed at Glenwood State Bank.  In 1941, he entered the Armed Forces and spent three years in China working with the U.S. Signal Corps.  He returned to Glenwood State Bank for a short period from 1946 to 1948.  From 1948 to 1958, he was self-employed as a full-time life insurance agent, after which he returned to Glenwood State Bank.  He served as President from 1981 to 1983 when he became Chairman of the Board.  Mr. Cheeseman passed away March 11, 2002.


Dennis Martinson

Past President (1983 - 2006)

Mr. Martinson was born September 11, 1941 in Benson, Minnesota.  He lived with his parents on a farm between Benson and Montevideo until 1945, when they purchased a farm 12 miles west of Glenwood.  His boyhood days were spent helping out on that crop and livestock farm.  He graduated from Glenwood High School in 1959, after which he served in the National Guard until December 1959.  On December 15, 1959, he started working for Glenwood State Bank with bookkeeping and teller duties.  Very soon after, he managed the insurance agency, being licensed for all lines of insurance.  In 1971 Mr. Martinson, along with Mr. Williams and Mr. Cheeseman, purchased controlling interest in the bank from Mr. Walter.  Also in 1971, he was elected to the Board of Directors and was also elected Cashier of the bank.  Mr. Martinson purchased Mr. Williams’ and Mr. Cheesemans’ shares after their retirement.  Mr. Martinson served as President for 23 years and is currently Chairman of the Board.  He is very active in civic functions and organizations, having held many offices.