Budgeting Tools

Your secure personal financial management tool!

This personal financial management tool helps you take control of your finances in a secure environment.  Though Mint.com is a popular choice, our MoneyManager product keeps your confidential data in one secure location!

Benefits of Budgeting Tools:

  • Secure - keep your confidential financial data in ONE place!
  • Analyze and compare expenses
  • Create budgets to monitor your spending
  • Identify your future cash flow by adding expected income and bills
  • Set goals to keep your savings on track
  • Calculate your Net Worth
  • Create alerts based on balance, transaction amounts, and vendors
  • Add external accounts with account aggregation

Use Budgeting Tools:

  1. Login to Online or Mobile Banking
  2. Choose Insight in Online Banking or Money Manager in Mobile App menu
  3. Begin creating budgets, setting goals, and establishing alerts!