Visa + Google Pay

Lighter than a wallet. Faster than everything else.

What to do at the register

There’s no need to worry about holding up the line. Just make sure your phone is unlocked, then hold it to the terminal until you see a check mark.

Faster checkout online

Skip the forms and speed through checkout when you’re shopping in apps or on Chrome with your Android device. Just pay with Google and use the cards you’ve added to Google Pay or any credit or debit card in your Google Account.

The protections you trust

When you use Google Pay, you’ll still get all the protections you enjoy with your bank. (And you’ll continue getting perks and points, too.)

Security you can count on

Instead of sharing your actual card details with stores, Google Pay shares a virtual account number to represent your info. And if you lose your phone, you can lock and erase it with Google's "Find My Device".